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The Veritas Family is hosting a community living residency on our very own river island in Northern California. We have received many applications, thank you for your patience as we respond to you all.



Creators, travel bugs, natural beings, expressive artists, builders, master craftsmen and ANYONE who is seeking an intimate reconnection to nature, community, and original ways of living on this planet.


This is the first of an annual residency and gathering we will be hosting on this land. We will be focused on working with the raw canvas of our land, meditating with our space and resources and developing a creative living space. You will be learning how to support and sustain yourself through useful skills like carpentry, electrical work, soil repair, plumbing, farming, design, sculpture work, and meal preparation. Together, we will create a self-sustaining River Island; a safe space to discover our unique, true natures through meditation, ceremony, clean food and the medicine of the river.


We have both volunteer and paid craftsman positions for highly experienced teachers and leaders.


  • A beautiful place to call home for the duration of your residency

  • Free access to the master workshops, yoga & meditation classes, ecstatic dances and unique offerings happening on the property during the residency 

  • Meals will be provided 

  • Expert training and guidance in various skills & crafts

  • Free 2 day white water river rafting trip

  • A playful and profound “adult summer camp” experience as we live in community together and remember the original and natural ways we commune as humans.

  • Connections to experts creatives and builders to mentor you on your own projects.


1. Please fill out an application with as much detail as possible.

2. We will reach out to you to schedule a call or zoom.


We have received many incredible applications,

thank you for your patience as we respond to you all.


Do I need experience?

No, we welcome all people interested in learning.


How long is this residency?

We have a few different options  that will support various schedules and lifestyles. Some options and projects are one weekend, others can last for one to two months. We will discuss our residency options with you on our information call.


What types of skills will I learn or projects I will participate in?

You will get to work in projects that highlight Carpentry, Electrical work / Solar, Soil repair / garden / farming, Off grid plumbing & water systems, Community design / community living, Organic sculpture work, Farm-to-table cooking & meal preparation, Wellness Retreat operations & business, Festival design & build, Horses / equestrian therapy and other artistic workshops.


Where will I sleep?

We recommend bringing your own tent to pitch on the land. You may also park your RV or your car as your accommodationsDon't have anything to bring? We will have options to rent to you. If you live nearby you may also commute to the land.


What if I want to teach or share my expert skills?

We are booking our project leads, workshop teachers and contracted workers and commissioned artists. Please email us ASAP!

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